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Characteristics of procedures for the lower extremities.
foot massage
These are unique and very interesting techniques that help restore energy movement, blood flow and lymphatic flow. The healing effects will help to “turn on” many organs and systems without directly touching them. The massage has a noticeable relaxing effect. It can also throw off bad energy, which, according to oriental systems, “flows” precisely through the legs.

Foot massage
A distinction is made between foot massage, when the effect is exerted along the meridians, restoring the course of energy, and foot massage. In the first case, they start from the ankles, passing in sequence:

knee socket (on the back of the leg) – very carefully, almost without pressure, because there are important large vessels;
thigh from bottom to top;
subgluteal region;
own buttocks.
Ideally, foot massage is carried out on both sides: more often – first on the back, and then on the front. There are movements to stretch the leg muscles. This, for example, pressing on the massage foot from the side, swinging in certain poses. In Thai foot massage there is a wide range of exercises, including lifting and shaking the extremities with weight. Thanks to this, the blood and lymph flow is activated, the deep muscles are worked out, which are not always involved even with very sophisticated exercises. A nice bonus is the possibility of recovery after strong physical exertion, walks, work on your feet.

A passing effect is also in the glasses. If you suffer from low venous tone or work on your feet, if you are a professional runner or just put a lot of stress on your extremities, then we show you this type of Thai massage.